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Thursday, February 21






Is This for Marks? Helping Your High School Students Care about Formative Assessment Glen 202Pat Lore Sensitivity Training: A Restorative Program for Students Who Act Aggressively Telus 111Kathleen Hilchey Hydroponics, it is not just for grow-ops! Chinook 1Jeffrey Casey Project-Based Learning as a Teaching Philosophy Glen 209Derek Keenan (OFFSITE) Sculpture in the Elementary Classroom Off-SiteLani Loewen Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Inclusive Classroom Macleod Hall E1John Williamson An Introduction to Treaty Education Glen 206Crystal Clark Hacking the Code: Understanding the Importance of Computational Thinking Macleod Hall E2Tom Stones (PRE-REG) Flow Yoga Glen 203Michelle Leitner Teaching Human Sexuality in Your School Macleod Hall E3Sexual and Reproductive Health Alberta Health Services What the ____ is climate change? Climate Change 101 Telus 106Christine Avey • Paula McGarrigle Project based learning for Social 9 and Social 10 Macleod Hall E4Jennifer Williams Coding... Who Me? Glen 205Joan Kollewyn • Susan Noble Créer facilement des sites web et des animations vidéos avec Adobe Spark (3e à 12e année) Glen 208Eric Caron Virtual Reality: Supporting Division I Students in Your Virtual Learning Commons Glen 204Bethany Arsenault #RELATIONSHIPS in a Digital Age Telus 108JoAnne Akerboom • Cheryl Kuemper (PRE-REG) Nutrition Activities in Any Classroom Telus 107Kendra Chow Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle Telus 102Holly Davidson Le mieux-être en milieu scolaire, c'est l'affaire de tous! Telus 103Amber Arnold • Patricia Tallon • Paulina Gornicki Tools for a Calm and Mindful Classroom Glen 201Nannette Gropp • Christine McKernan


The ABCs of School Leadership Telus 104Nancy Luyckfassel 7 Things You Could Start Next Week to Change the Assessment Culture in Your Classroom Glen 202Pat Lore (PRE-REG) Integrating STEAM with Problem-Based Learning - Part 1 Imperial 2Nancy Cole Breakout: Shakespeare Lost in Time Imperial 7Merry Franz Reconception du secondaire – 10 à 12 Telus 103Mireille Cloutier RVS Learning Design Process - Act 1: Pitching Your Idea Glen 205Richard Gaudio • Sara Martin • Dan McWilliam • Jason Ness Hit It! Bucket Drumming, Boomwhackers and Beat Boards Imperial 6Joyce Holoboff (OFFSITE) Printmaking in the Elementary Classroom Off-SiteLani Loewen Doodling To Foster Creativity Imperial 1Michael Shain A Laugh From the Past: What Kids Actually Remember From School 2.0 Macleod Hall BDarren Morris • Multiple Comedians Alberta Education Curriculum Update Telus 111Keith Millions Classroom Management - What Works?! Macleod Hall E2Val Fuchshuber Indigenous Education Resources: Where do I start? Glen 206Crystal Clark Promises, Posturing and Poppycock: Public Education in the Red Zone Telus 108Jonathan Teghtmeyer Staff Wellness - Don’t's Just Survive... Thrive! Telus 102Andy Connelly Time Matters - The Difference Between Instructional and Assignable Time and How to Count It Telus 106Anne-Marie Huizing Trauma-Informed Practice: Safe, Supportive and Self-Regulated Classrooms Macleod Hall E1Yvonne Toney Teaching About Sexuality and Relationships to Students with Diverse Abilities Macleod Hall E3Sexual and Reproductive Health Alberta Health Services NEW TITLE SUBMITTED FEB 13: Les 15 enseignements du tipi ORIGINAL TITLE: Les sept enseignements des grands-pères Glen 208Eric Caron Truth & Reconciliation Exhibition Hall ELeroy Littlebear Reading Comprehension Success! Imperial 5Brigitta Goerres The Foundations of Literacy: What do I need to consider when building my literacy program with a focus on reading? Imperial 4Michelle Bence • Miriam Ramzy Noticing and Wondering in Mathematics Classroom: Making Sense of Problem Solving Imperial 8Svetlana Pavlova (PRE_REG) Not Monopoly... Engaging Students Using Unorthodox Board Games Telus 107Justin Acierto • Duane Sovyn Change the world?! Yes...really!! Glen 203Kathleen Ladouceur • Monica Nino (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: The One and Only Ivan; how stories stimulate inquiry Off-SiteJen Duffy Social Studies and ELL Students: A Journey Through History Imperial 3Kristina Brillantes-Hall • Charlene Heydon Teachers' Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy Macleod Hall E4Jennifer Williams Innovative Leadership for a Better World Glen 209Derek Keenan How to Set (and Hold!) Digital Boundaries Macleod Hall D Seeing Stars: Transforming Your Classroom for Division II Students with the ORC Glen 204Bethany Arsenault ATRF Your Pension Matters Imperial 9ATRF Pension Counsellors Engaging Students to Lead a Healthy School Community Glen 201Theresa McIsaac • Christine Vokins Heirloom Tomatoes Chinook 1Jeffrey Casey Workplace Well-Being: Mindfulness Practices to Care For You Telus 105Larisa Jeffares • Nicole Wiens Teaching for Tenacity Macleod Hall AGarfield Gini-Newman (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) EGGS! EGGS! EGGS! Off-SiteRenu Mathew Jr. High Math - Manipulatives That Can Help (Gr. 7-9) Macleod Hall CWanda Dechant (PRE-REG) Invisible Waste: Air quality lesson plans from TELUS World of Science Edmonton Telus 101Maura Armstrong • Daniel Krol (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) A Changing Climate: An Inquiry in Alberta Parks Off-SiteShalane Friesen • Vicki Perkins


But You Don’t Know What MY Class is Like! Accepting the Challenge of Differentiated Assessment Glen 202Pat Lore Breaking the Cycle of Victimization: HEROs in Bullying Telus 111Kathleen Hilchey Full STEAM ahead! (Part 2 of Problem-Based Learning) Imperial 2Nancy Cole Introducing #20time to your classroom Imperial 7Merry Franz Minimalism in the Classroom Macleod Hall D RVS Learning Design Process: Act 2: Learning Design Process Glen 205Richard Gaudio • Sara Martin • Dan McWilliam • Jason Ness Help! I have to teach K-3 Music Imperial 6Joyce Holoboff (OFFSITE) Fabric Art in the Elementary Classroom Off-SiteLani Loewen Drawing Games For All Ages Imperial 1Michael Shain Les FCT dans mon école - un potentiel à exploiter! 4 à 9 e année Glen 208Mireille Cloutier Alberta Education : Mise à jour au sujet de l’élaboration du curriculum Telus 103Keith Millions Full Circle: Understanding Social Implications of Indigenous Realities Glen 206Crystal Clark PRISM: Professionals Respecting Individual Sexual and Gender Minorities Telus 108Val Fuchshuber TQS 911: What You Need to Know NOW About the New Teaching Quality Standard Macleod E1Mark Swanson Unseen Hurts: Promoting Positive Mental Health in Schools Telus 106Tom Stones When Students Get in Trouble—Alternatives to Consider Macleod Hall E2Andy Connelly Sign Language and Visual, Hands-on Learners Imperial 3Vince Marion Collaborative writing and publishing: the nuts and bolts Glen 209Derek Keenan The Foundations of Literacy: What do I need to consider when building my literacy program with a focus on writing? Imperial 4Michelle Bence • Miriam Ramzy Number Sense and Spatial Reasoning: Building connections with Cuisenaire Rods Imperial 8Jennifer Plosz Students with Scars: Understanding Self Injury Imperial 9Ariel Haubrich (PRE-REG) Not Monopoly... Engaging Students Using Unorthodox Board Games Telus 107Justin Acierto • Duane Sovyn Fun environmental activities in your schoolyard! Chinook 1Marie Tremblay Creating Successful Teams Macleod Hall E4Scott Bezubiak Changer le monde? Vraiment! Glen 203Kathleen Ladouceur (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Adaptations and Biodiversity through the Canadian Wilds Off-SiteJen Duffy Full Steam Ahead: Supporting STEAM and Secondary Humanities with the ORC Glen 204Bethany Arsenault STEM Global Climate Change Education for Middle School Glen 201Christine Avey • Paula McGarrigle Mindfulness in the Classroom Telus 105Larisa Jeffares • Nicole Wiens
Friday, February 22


My experience with Place Based Teaching Telus 102Christine Crane Music Lessons That Work - K-3 Imperial 6Joyce Holoboff Mettre en oeuvre les meilleures pratiques pour enseigner l’écriture: des pistes de décollage et des filets de sauvetage Telus 104Ashley McPherson Examining Privilege and Power Telus 106Nancy Luyckfassel Human Library Imperial 1/29 Presenters • Nadine Russell Teachers Want What Students Need - ATA President's Session Telus 111Greg Jeffery Working with Parents to Support Student Success Telus 105Tom Stones Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Telus 110Sarah Crocker Girls with ADHD - Our Unspoken Superheros Imperial 9KeriLyn Creelman Closing the Gap Imperial 5Cheryl Gascoyne Literary Salon: The Art of Intentional Conversation Macleod Hall D The Presentation with Lots of Pictures: Using wordless picture books to enhance early literacy skills Imperial 4Megan Gerla Using a Locked Room in a Classroom Imperial 7Shaunda Lang • Joanna Zakus (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Numeracy in Pandas Off-SiteJen Duffy Building Numeracy Through Engaging Assessments Glen 208Ryan Fox Math Activities and Strategies to Support Number Concept Flexibility - Grades K-3 Imperial 3Wanda Dechant • Bobbi Hunter • Lisa Mueller Mathcation - Take a Vaction from the Same Old Math Routine Glen 201Stephanie Bainbridge Shake Up Your Fact Fluency Practice Macleod Hall BJane Felling Technology in the Math Classroom | a look at Casio graphing calculators Glen 209Peter Hill Learning to Make, Making to Learn: A Design-Based Research Study in Using Making to Explore Curriculum Topics Chinook 1Sandra Becker • Natalie Major Coaching for Life Skills, Character, and Sportsmanship Glen 204Leigh Bretzlaff Devenir éducateur certifié pour National Geographic Glen 202Magali Bourque Take the Action Challenge: Developing knowledge and skills through environmental action Telus 101Jaclyn Angotti • Vanessa Bilan Discussing politics and religion? Absolutely! And literature, too! Macleod Hall E3Marcia Hogg Share the Journey: Pope Francis’ Call to Walk Glen 205Kathleen Ladouceur • Monica Nino Using Drama Techniques to Enhance Your Curricular Classroom Glen 203Eva Knight Automate with Autocrat Macleod Hall CJen Giffen The Secret Marathon: Empowering Women and Girls in Afghanistan through Sport - Ever Active Schools Health & Wellness Symposium Glen 206Martin Parnell • Ever Active Schools Spark your Junior/Senior High Students Deeper Understanding in all Subjects Macleod Hall E4Kim Tackaberry Education for Reconciliation - Weaving Ways -A curriculum support for educators. Macleod Hall E2Krystal Abrahamowicz • Donna Ross Strength-Based Approaches for Student Mental Health in the Elementary Classroom Telus 107 (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Cross-Country Ski Skill and Instruction development Off-SiteRyan Lemphers Wellness Retreat Telus 109Kendra Harper (PRE-REG) Bullet Journaling- The Basics and Beyond Telus 103Kari Carriere • Rita Kruger (PRE-REG) Creative Mandalas For Relaxation And Stress Relief Telus 108Sally Towers-Sybblis Stress, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll: Managing Stress & the Work-Life Balance Imperial 8Ariel Haubrich (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Music Festivals: Why Participation is Healthy for Your School's Music Program! Off-SiteCathy MacRae • Rick Vander Woude (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) EGGS! EGGS! EGGS! Off-SiteRenu Mathew (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Fly Tying to 'release' tension and anxiety. Off-SiteDylan Sinclair (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Play is the Thing! Off-SiteSarah Smith (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness - An introduction to possibilities this type of programming has to offer! Off-SiteAmy Monea • Angie Payne


Understanding and supporting students with Test Anxiety Imperial 9Mark Driedger Teaching Recorders and Loving It! Imperial 6Joyce Holoboff If You Can't Fail, You Can't Succeed: How to Practice Risk Macleod Hall D SOS NQE : Ce qu'il faut savoir DÈS MAINTENANT au sujet de la nouvelle Norme de qualité pour l'enseignement Telus 106Monique Gravel The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Telus 111Shelley Magnusson Thinking about Learning—Metacognition and Mindfulness Telus 105Anna Ponce Introducing Fountas & Pinnell Classroom Imperial 5Cheryl Gascoyne It Worked for Me! Imperial 3Yvonne Toney Connecting the Dots - Primary Math Games Using Dominoes Macleod Hall BJane Felling Developing Number Sense in Division 1 Imperial 4Megan Gerla • Leslie Waite I Double Dare Ya!! -Math Games Using Two or More Dice Glen 201Stephanie Bainbridge Les maths au coeur de la littérature enfantine, M à 3e Telus 104Renée Michaud Finance 101 - Winning at the Money Game Glen 209Susan Farrell • Mike Ong-Padilla (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Discovering Nature Play Off-SiteCassia Warner I Love a Challenge with Duff Gibson - Ever Active Schools Health and Wellness Symposium Glen 203Duff Gibson • Ever Active Schools Let’s talk about sex…ual health education Macleod Hall E3Kaitlyn Hill • Nicole Inglis Orange Marks the Spot: Lesson plans to support Outdoor Adventure with the Be Fit for Life Network - Ever Active Schools Health & Wellness Symposium Glen 204Be Fit for Life Network • Ever Active Schools So you have to teach Health... - Ever Active Schools Health & Wellness Symposium Glen 205Ever Active Schools The Hunger Games and the Bible: Hope, Freedom, and Sacrifice Macleod Hall E1Gerard Mclarney (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Waste and the Penguin World; A behind the scenes look at how we maintain our penguin pool. Off-SiteJen Duffy Climate Connect - Enhancing Alberta Youth's Climate Literacy and Action Telus 101Jaclyn Angotti • Vanessa Bilan Evidence for Climate Change Glen 208Kristina Wasyleczko • Tara Cunningham • Brett Eustergerling Jabberwocky - A Full Year Project for Science 7 Imperial 7Shaunda Lang Google Expeditions(REQUIRED THAT YOU BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE) Glen 202Eric Caron Intro to Digital Breakout EDU Macleod Hall CJen Giffen Human Library Imperial 1/29 Presenters • Nadine Russell Cannabis and Our Youth: How to help young people make an informed and responsible choice. Glen 206Nick Moore


Women in Leadership Telus 111Shelley Magnusson I’ve Assessed; Now What? Imperial 5Cheryl Gascoyne Classroom Engagement: The State-Change Imperial 8Nick Petryk Inspiring Climate Education Excellence Glen 201Christine Avey • Paula McGarrigle Streamlining the Report Card Writing Process Telus 102 Transforming Classrooms into Thinking Cultures: Our Journey to Spark Intellectual Engagement, Deepen Understanding and Promote Independence in Grade 3 Imperial 3Barbara Calabrese • Cathy King Bringing Inquiry-Based Explorations to the Junior High Music Classroom Glen 202Merlin Thompson Last Minute Wonders! (The Visual Arts) Telus 108Kimberley Lewis Changes in the Legal Landscape 2018-2019 (What Teachers & School Leaders Must Know) Telus 106Dave Matson The Power of Play: Engaging Learners of All Ages Telus 105Tom Stones Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms Telus 110Mary Frances Fitzgerald Connecting Against All Odds Telus 103Rita Kruger Empowering the Spirit - A collective resource to support Indigenous Ways of Knowing in classrooms and schools. Macleod Hall E2Donna Ross Teaching About Residential Schools Macleod Hall DKerry Aiken Imagine Your Junior High Students Won't Stop Reading! Macleod Hall E4Sonja Howatt • Kim Tackaberry Using Best Practices to Teach Writing in the Elementary Classroom: Launch Pads and Safety Nets Imperial 4Ashley McPherson Yes, Grade Twos Can Write Fantastic Stories: Creating engaged early writers who view themselves as skilled authors. Imperial 7Michelle Bence • Kristin Deeks A Masters Program Specifically Designed for Math Teachers Glen 209Zaak Robichaud Exploring Big Ideas in Math Through Story (K-3) Telus 107Gerry Varty Hosting and Presenting a Family Math Game Nights Macleod Hall BJane Felling Les stratégies personnelles, Math 4e à 6e Telus 104Renée Michaud Supporting Mental Health Problems in the Classrom Imperial 9Amy Rivard The Impact of Second Language Learning Chinook 1Diana Boisvert (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Exploring Nature Play Programming Off-SiteCassia Warner IUD? IUC? IU-what? Birth Control Update Macleod Hall E3Nicole Inglis Authentic Worship | understanding & teaching the connection between worship & purity Macleod Hall E1Peter Hill (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Animal Health and Happiness Off-SiteJen Duffy Animation Studio Macleod Hall CJen Giffen A Conversation on Creating Calm Classrooms with Alberta Health Services - Ever Active Schools Health & Wellness Symposium Glen 205Ever Active Schools • Christine McKernan Creating and Sustaining a Positive Workplace Culture with ASEBP - Ever Active Schools Health & Wellness Symposium Glen 204Ever Active Schools • Sarah Crocker Games and Activities to Optimize Self Regulation - Ever Active Schools Health & Wellness Symposium Glen 203Ever Active Schools Taking a Bite Out of Nutrition Myths Imperial 1/2Kendra Chow The Blanket Exercise Telus 109Anna Ponce • Stacey Running Rabbit To Behave or Not To Behave Telus 101Myka Breymann • Darci Fulton (OFFSITE) Nature classroom: bring nature into your classroom and your classroom into nature Off-SiteJaclyn Angotti • Vanessa Bilan (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Nature Journaling through Destination Africa Off-SiteDawn Hardy A Deeper Understanding of Energy Glen 208Kristina Wasyleczko • Tara Cunningham • Brett Eustergerling


Instructional Leadership to Optimize Student Learning and Staff Development Telus 105Nancy Luyckfassel Taking Assessment From Average to Awesome Telus 102 Designing an Inclusive Classroom for Inquiry Glen 205Caitlin Price • Brittney Glinsbockel Talking about energy and climate: how to engage students Glen 206Gareth Thomson I CAN SING!!! Glen 202Cheri Peters Follow The Sun Exhibition Hall EDeanne Bertsch • Paul Muir • 13 RSA student performers Artistic mixed media projects Imperial 3Christina Dixon Silk Screen Magic - T-shirt Printing 101 Telus 108Kimberley Lewis Human Library Imperial 1/29 Presenters • Nadine Russell You Did What?! (When Teachers Get in Trouble) Telus 106Dave Matson Autism 3.0 Imperial 8Karen Sudom Scaffolding for Success: Differentiating Instruction for English Language Learners Telus 103Joana Dosdall • Samantha Tomlinson Structured Literacy: Effective Interventions for Small Group and Classroom Telus 110Tracey Bowes When Families Reconnect - A Model of Wrap-Around Service Chinook 1Anja Dressler • Cora-Leah Schmitt • Gregory Tweedie Literature to Engage Students and Enhance First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Perspectives K-9 Macleod Hall DKerry Aiken Creative Curriculum Connections Glen 203Tanya Lukenoff Literacy & Leadership Imperial 5Cheryl Gascoyne Using word study and the Words Their Way program to effectively enhance spelling, reading and writing. Imperial 7Michelle Bence • Miriam Ramzy APME - une banque de ressources en mathématiques pour l’élémentaire Telus 104Renée Michaud Mathology: A New Approach to Teaching and Learning Math (K-3) Telus 107Gerry Varty Sketchnoting 101 Macleod Hall CJen Giffen (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Designing Nature Play Playgrounds Off-SiteCassia Warner Play Unified Glen 204Cynthia Dahl • Ian Ferguson STI? STD? BBI? Help for the alphabet soup!! Macleod Hall E3Nicole Inglis The Purity Pandemic | dealing with disaster in our postmodern world Macleod Hall E1Peter Hill (PRE-REG, OFFSITE) Calgary Zoo: Life of Pi; Animals, Literature and Anthropomorphism Off-SiteJen Duffy Getting Wild in the Classroom: Engaging students in wildlife learning Macleod Hall E4Katrina Jansen Lifelines for High School Climate Change Education Glen 201Christine Avey • Paula McGarrigle Teaching with Intergender Sensitivity in a Science Classroom Glen 209Jamie Anderson • Christine Crane Bringing Social 8 to Life! Macleod E2Joanna Zakus Conquering Chaos Imperial 9Robynn Stirrett Looking Ahead – By Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers Telus 111Jennifer Hope